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Tom H.05:07:58

Hi folks, I'm having some trouble connecting to a shadow-cljs project

Tom H.05:07:31

I'm running 'Connect to socket REPL' and it says it's successful ("Clojure socket REPL connected"), opens a right pane

Tom H.05:07:36

But there's nothing in the pane

Tom H.05:07:00

Then I run 'Connect Embedded' and it pops up asking for the build

Tom H.05:07:22

It shows my builds correctly but if I select one nothing happens


@tomisme Chlorine's REPL pane just shows output from evaluation, so it won't display anything until you evaluate code.

Tom H.06:07:44

oh yes sorry forgot to say, when I try and evaluate a block it says "REPL not connected"


@tomisme Do you have "experimental features" set? What's your Chlorine and Shadow-CLJS version?


Because with experimental features turned on, different versions of Chlorine have different ways to evaluate Shadow-CLJS. The latest version of Chlorine supports Shadow-CLJS version >=2.10.1, for example. But, with "experimental features" turned off, it should work on any shadow version...


> Then I run 'Connect Embedded' and it pops up asking for the build If you don't have experimental features toggled, you need to first connect a JS environment and then run "Connect Embedded"