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@mauricio.szabo I'm wondering if you just want to remove these lines from the core now? (and other stuff that references them). Feels like that code's holding you back a bit now -- and it's easy to do it via the config cljs file for anyone who wants REBL integration (and I suspect such folks would already be using my config, with the extended REBL commands in it).


I was also looking for a way to invoke eval-and-render and provide an additional on-eval callback -- I'd like to be able to pop up an Atom notification when evaluation completes. The load-file and test running commands do that, because it's custom and that's built in already... Any suggestions?


Yes, I'll probably remove then. I'll also probably remove everything refresh-related too - I believe they can be also configured by this ClojureScript code (will check this later)


(I use "refresh" a lot, but it's a whole bunch of internal state that have no documentation at all, no tests, so they can hold evolution back too)


Currently, I believe there's no way to hook an additional on-eval callback... but I suspect it's not hard to add. There's also a function if you only want to evaluate code, but its API will change on some future release.


Cool. Thanks. It's for a couple of functions that I expect to be somewhat long-running and therefore I want an alert when evaluation completes.


One thing that wasn't obvious before but is much, much easier with the cljs extension stuff, is that operations that generate an off-screen range (`get-namespace` primarily), can be made to shown on-screen results by replacing the :range part of the data with the range from get-selection 🙂


I'm also studying how to integrate other "render tools" on Chlorine. For example, this one is a simple POC to show dependencies for a single top-block

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Almost everything was configured by ClojureScript, without needing to recompile anything. Probably will publish this possible customization soon too 🙂