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0.4.5 seems to work nicely so far in my limited testing with shadow-cljs :thumbsup: will there be support for loading cljs files at some point?


If you're using Shadow-CLJS, just saving a file should reload it automatically... As for other ClojureScript implementations, it is kinda difficult... things like in-ns, load-file, and doc in CLJS are "REPL magic words"


There's no simple way to capture their output, for example, or the results, so it is difficult to even know if the code worked or not...


thanks for the explanation :)


Hi. I am playing around with Atom and Chlorine. I am trying to disable the inline results without success. Does anyone know how to do that?


Haha. Don’t think it’s possible, but I have asked the same. I’m very quick at clearing the results out now, at least 🙂

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No, there's no support for it but it'll be possible in a couple of versions. I'm having way too many problems with ink (the package that provides the inline results) so I'll implement something on my side to support it

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Sad to hear it causes problems. Happy to hear it’ll be easier going forward then. 😅


Yes, and I really hope it is Ink that's getting me problems, and not Atom itself 😅


(inside these "inline results", sometimes React stops working. There are, currently, lots of "unnecessary tags" on the renderings of results just because otherwise, the results don't update....)