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i'm helping someone out in #cider with this template. created by lein new chestnut pandapp +re-frame +edge. As i understand it, should be able to get a cljs environment up and running by running (do (go) (cljs-repl)). Compiled js assets go in dev-target/public/js/compiled and there's middleware to expose this. however, this middleware doesn't seem to be working:

~/projects/clojure/pandapp   master ● 
 ↵ 2  curl 
<div><h1>Figwheel Server: Resource not found</h1><h3><em>Keep on figwheelin'</em></h3></div>%
and a similar 404 from the browser console when viewing localhost:3449. Am I doing this wrong? jvm11, CIDER 0.21.0, nrepl/nrepl 0.6.0 if any of things could be culprits