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@plexus FYI, in case you are unaware, the YouTube video for Lisa's talk is marked private. I assume this will change before the broadcast in a few minutes 🙂


The videos are up. Please let us know if you have any questions for the speakers!


Going live in less than an hour! We'll stream the two talks, then roughly quarter to eight we'll follow up with a conversation with the two speakers. We have some things we want to ask them but we'd love to have some input from the audience!


After that we hope people will take the opportunity to get together and socialize, but that's up to you. Just take the initiative and share a link here to a video chat room. It's fine if there are multiple rooms, smaller groups make it easier to have an actual conversation.


> How's the A/V quality tonight? We're a bit tight on bandwidth and CPU this time. Sorry, have to answer here coz I don't have no twitch account. 😬 Sound is fine here, video is a bit laggy.


> We hear that the video is choppy. Sorry for that! Switching off the low latency mode might help a bit. Settings → Advanced → Low Latency. Good news: Twitch gives the same advise automatically! It stops the buffering pauses. At least it seems so.


Video stopped completely some time now, needed to reload the whole page. Now trying the latency thing, seems to help


Stefan! Long time no see / read! :hugging_face:


We're a bit challenged tonight because I'm not at home so running off a thinkpad instead of a desktop with gpu...


We'll make the best of it


Thanks Lisa! That was great fun!


Lisa says thanks back!


Man in the middle attack?

😂 3

Again very choppy now with Daniel 😐.



🍻 3

Thanks Daniel! It was great to see the OO journey in fast motion.


Daniel: What would happen if The Interpreter V1.00 hits data of V0.99? (How to deal with versions / versioning)

Ben Sless18:08:20

this hardware talk takes me back 🙂


@ben.sless me too. I read books and tried hard to get a grip on it, but failed miserably. I never was able to create a flashing light from the ground.

Ben Sless18:08:30

I was an electrical engineer in a past life, have some hardware design experience 🙂

Ben Sless18:08:19

digital systems and CSP have some similarities

Ben Sless18:08:32

discrete communication between independent modules


Daniel: Yes, when serializing data.


Lisa: Do you have an idea – or a glimpse of an idea – of how to calculate resistances and capacities for your circuits?

Augusto Stoffel18:08:53

What would be the Clojure approach for this? One you have your filter as edn, how do you run it? Macros and eval?

Augusto Stoffel18:08:01

Or would you have to write a little interpreter by hand?


(But the S-Exp of functions opens the world for macros in Clojure.)

Ben Sless18:08:36

Regarding serializing code, have you seen the Unison language? it tackles the issue in an interesting way


Thanks @plexus and Jan for making this possible! Again!

Sandra Wichtrup18:08:04

Thanks and greetings from the "background" @plexus, Jan and Lisa, it was good to see you all and I have learned a lot 😎!