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Hi. I just want to know if this has been picked up. I would really love to see this. I use cursive with IntelliJ and I'd say for the most part, I just use it for the diff. It's easy to identify the cause. Would love to get some pointers on where to look to contribute to implement this feature if this wasn't already been implemented.


Mostly I have use clojure maps to look through when writing tests so this would be helpful.


Stuck in how bencoded json goes to nrepl and gets evaluated. Would love some insights. TIA! Note: Please reply when someone's free. I might be in different timezone so wouldn't reply quickly. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Awesome that you are on to this! I think pairing a bit would be the best way to get you unstuck. I can’t right now. Maybe @U9A1RLFNV can?


@U03MY7DBRC6 I think testRunner.ts is where most of the related code for this is. A good way to find your way through the related code is to put a breakpoint somewhere near the top of the execution for whatever command you’re running to run the tests, then use the step debugger to follow the code. > Stuck in how bencoded json goes to nrepl and gets evaluated. I’m don’t think you really need to understand this to work on this feature, but we can talk about it more if you want. The test results are received from nrepl / cider-nrepl after running the related test op, Calva decodes it with existing code, and then you can do what you want with it from there in terms of reporting, using TS and also CLJS. I don’t think you need to worry about bencode, though. I’m around for a while if you want to pair up.

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Got it. Yeah I believe I can do a diff on reporting ts code. I was just curious how that thing worked. Will let you know if I'm stuck on something. Thanks for the reply.

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