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Hi how to copy entire map while cursor is under the opening curly brace


I tend to do shift+ctrl+right-arrow and then ctrl-c


Calva: Select Forward Sexp is the underlying command there.


See for other useful commands and key bindings (that whole page is very useful!):


You can also use Calva: Expand Selection and then Copy. On Mac: ctrl+w cmd+c. Expand Selection, when there is no selection, will always select the ”Current Form”. See: Meaning that @U04V70XH6’s suggestion will be more precise in selecting the forward form, depending on where the cursors is.


This is more of a vscode question. I’d like to make the triggering of the comment snippet to be shortened to “com” prefix. Where can I see the content of the shipped comment snippet so that I can copy paste and make my onw.


Calva doesn't provide snippets. I think clojure-lsp might be doing it, though.


It is the (comment) snippet, isn’t that something provided by Calva?


I’d check the clojure-lsp source code.


My understanding is under vscode, Calva is the main controller, it launches the clojure-lsp binary. Dunno how the vscode snippet is related with clojure-lsp. I thought it was a mere binary.


That's a correct understanding. Though maybe a bit more complicated than that. Calva starts clojure-lsp and to some extent communicate with it. But clojure-lsp also then acts as an extension on its own, providing features using the LSP protocol. Since you are looking for the implementation of that snippet, I wanted to let you know that you won't find it in Calva. Something else is providing the snippet, and I think it is clojure-lsp. I might be wrong, but it's a place to start: •

bringe03:07:43 It looks like you can configure your own snippets.


I work on a workspace with many top-level clojure projects. After I deleted the .clj-kondo/.cache, it doesn’t seem to be recreated anymore, has anyone faced this before?


For kondo + lsp to work properly you need to open vscode in the root of your project (where your deps.edn is)


ok, thanks!