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A little bit annoying part when using calva comment is the indentation is mismatched. Pictures shows before inserting comment with editor.action.commentLine and after.


Interesting. Calva is not providing this feature, iirc, so probably something to bring to the VS Code team.


How do you insert comment?


On an empty line, I type one or more semicolons. I find it a bit strange that the command doesn't retain the indentation, though. I wonder why that is.


I don’t manually type the simicolons. I am used to the alt+; key shortcut in emacs to insert comments.


No. I doubt we even know the editor width.


Would it be possible to have Calva play nice with git extension, when I evaluate the results are shown after the git info. See: On my screen that means the results are often entirely off the screen (I code on a vertical monitor). Or anyone got any workarounds / configs ?


Hmm that doesn’t happen for me, but I feel like I’ve seen this discussed before. Any info @U0ETXRFEW?


We've discussed it before. GitLens is using the :after selector for the line blames. Calva used to use :before for this reason, but it pushed the cursor away to the end of the displayed result. Using the same selector as GitLens means it comes down to which extension is first to decorate the line. We could consider making this a setting, as we discussed before fixing #1329.


Thanks for all the incredible work being done on Calva. Recently I’m having a problem whenever I delete a top-level form using ctrl+alt+backspace. The form is correctly deleted, but also the cursor jumps to the end of the file. How can I debug what’s going here?


Hi! To my surprise, I can reproduce this. At the top level of the file. Please file an issue. If you want to help debug it, that would be awesome. I think it takes running Calva in dev mode and place breakpoints in the right places in paredit.ts. See for how to get dev Calva running, if you haven't before. If you don't have time for debugging like that, just an issue is good help that too. I'll be afk for a some days probably so will have a look later if someone else doesn't beat me to it.

Tuomas-Matti Soikkeli07:07:57

Perhaps related: sometimes when I inline evaluate expressions and the result is rather long, it jumps far right in the editor. This is expected. After that when I evaluate an expression and the result is short, cursor still jumps to the end of the file where I just landed with the long result.


Filed an issue: I will try to look further into it as well and add more comments to the issue if I find anything relevant

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It seems to be a regression in VS Code, and it also seems to be fixed in VS Code Insiders, so there's hope. I fail to find a relevant issue on VS Code, and asked about that here: