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Tomas Brejla12:07:04

Hi, I just wanted to ask whether any of the calva users here use (android) tablet for occasional clojure/babashka(/web)? development? I recently bought Samsung Galaxy S7 FE (12inch) tablet and out of curiousity managed to get code-server working in termux with debian proot . It works really nicely. All the keyboard shortcuts seem to work despite code server running via browser, everything is snappy, you can install "big" (non js-only) extensions such as calva without any problems, clojure-lsp got downloaded and just works, babashkaor deps.edn jack-in repl works. The only issue I had was with "phantom process killing" feature of Android 12, which I hopefully have somehow overcomed, but I'm not sure if the fix is "good enough" or permanent. (there's quite a lot of information eg here So my question is.. are there any regular tablets users? Happy with the setup? Any specific tips?

Tomas Brejla16:07:15

It's getting ridiculous. Even my reagent/reframe app works, using shadow-cljs jack-in. And the backend part of that app just started xtdb with no problems at all 🤯