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Fahd El Mazouni09:06:14

Hey ! When I'm jacked-in reference finding and jumping to definition kind of stop working, I just recently started having the problem, does it ring a bell to anyone? any tips would be appreciated


Do you know this only when jacked-in? You could try disconnecting the REPL when it happens and see if that helps. Not as a workaround, just a test. I am guessing this is not about the REPL being connected. Also wondering if this and @U0123R34Q9Y’ report have the same root cause.

Fahd El Mazouni09:06:57

My bad I think it's time related not about being jacked in, made a false assumption

Fahd El Mazouni09:06:16

just tested and it works while jacked in

Cal Herries09:06:08

I just disconnected from the REPL, and the issue persists


We recently changed so that Calva prefers definitions from clojure-lsp over those from nREPL. We intended for it to fall back on the nREPL answer, but apparently we fail to detect the non-answer situation.


(Personally I prefer nREPL's answer here, so I will probably make this preference order a configuration. FYI.)

Cal Herries09:06:44

I’m experiencing a strange issue with clojure-lsp + calva. After about 10 minutes after starting clojure-lsp and using the editor, it’s functionality in the editor stops. I can solve it temporarily by restarting clojure-lsp, but it soon fails again. It happens reliably on my machine after jumping between files, definitions, etc., so I don’t know the specific cause. I haven’t tried with a minimal example but it happens while I’ve been working on, which is open source. Things that stop working: • Any new syntax errors I create in the editor aren’t underlined with linting errors (existing ones before it stops working persist) • Any new errors I create aren’t showing in the “Problems” tab (but existing ones persist) • Go to definition • All code navigation and refactoring commands Things that are still working: • The clojure-lsp log file still logs handlers, publishing diagnostics, etc. If I intentionally create a syntax error I can see the logs update with a correctly updated “Publishing X diagnostics” message

2022-06-24T09:45:14.936Z  DEBUG [clojure-lsp.server:82] - Publishing 11 diagnostics for file:///Users/callumherries/meta/metabase/src/metabase/query_processor/card.clj
• VS code still shows clojure-lsp as working, and when I click the button, it shows the relevant quick actions

Cal Herries09:06:13

I’m using the latest versions:

clojure-lsp version used: 2022.06.22-14.09.50
clj-kondo version used: 2022.06.22

Fahd El Mazouni09:06:27

I think this is the same issue I'm having, I just restarted everything and it seems to stop working after a little while


Ah, I see you too made the connection, @U9W44J4RW 😃


Can you try with the previous clojure-lsp version, @U0123R34Q9Y? Also, please file an issue. As I am guessing this is upstream from Calva, I think @UKFSJSM38 would also appreciate an issue on clojure-lsp.

Cal Herries10:06:38

Sure thing. I will try with version 2022.05.31-17.35.50 and create an issue on calva and clojure-lsp

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Cal Herries10:06:46

@U0ETXRFEW How can I get this for the clojure-lsp issue template? “the json request/response logs between the LS client (your editor plugin, like Calva, lsp-mode, nvim) and clojure-lsp”

Cal Herries10:06:32

Never mind, I found it

Cal Herries10:06:59

@U0ETXRFEW FYI I updated the calva issue with the clojure language client logs, perhaps they are revealing for you


Thanks, @U0178V2SLAY has similar issue on Emacs only with cljs/cljc files, me and @U07M2C8TT are working on improve some async code on clojure-lsp that may fix this issue and others, we can let you know as soon we have a #clojure-lsp-builds nightly build to test it


I’ve been looking at this issue for the last day and a half, and I’m pretty stumped. Actually, I can’t actually say whether what I’m working on is the same as what you’re seeing @U0123R34Q9Y and @U0178V2SLAY, or even that you’re both seeing the same thing. I have a good amount to report, but first… is this the right venue? Should we move this to #lsp or the clojure-lsp Github?


Moving to the Github issue or a thread in #lsp sounds good to me


Does no one see the irony in Get Started with Clojure in VS Code in 20 seconds being a 40 minute video? 😝

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Time is relative laughcry