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Is it possible to adjust the initial editor width (percentage of the whole screen) that calva repl takes?


I don’t think so.


How do I view the corresponding Java source code using calva+vscode? For example,

(type [])
cmd+clicking from intellij I could get to the implementation, and I'd like to do the same thing in vscode. Any advice on this?


It's pretty broken right now with Java sources look-up. I can't really advice much.


oh man. so there really is no way to look up for the source code? 😂


In theory, if you have the sources on your classpath, it should work. But to my experience, the stars must also align. That is probably more a symptom that I don't fully understand the mechanisms involved.

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Latest clojure-lsp improves things a bit, I think.

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Ramon Rios09:05:13

Hello everyone. When i have an error when running tests, it just shows :error-while-loading my-ns Does anybody can say if it’s possible to configure a more detailed error message?


That error is shown while running tests? It looks like you might have an issue with code in that namespace. If you load the file for that namespace, you might see a more detailed error message in the Calva output window.


Do you guys think it would be nicer if Calva just showed nothing instead of "undefined" for functions/vars without a docstring?


Or, ”(No docs)”

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Maybe just nothing.


If I wanted to create a PR for this, where in the codebase should I look?


Just guessing here, @U03EC9KU17H: It could be happening in infoparser.ts

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@U0ETXRFEW That was it :thumbsup: I opened a PR here, it was a very simple fix.

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While testing I noticed that Calva actually has the correct behaviour while the REPL is not started yet, and the problem only starts once you boot up the REPL and start evaluating things. So I just made it not show anything, rather than "(No docs)", as that's the current behaviour. (I also checked some other extensions like the default JS/TS one and they have the same behaviour of just not showing anything if it doesn't exist)


Also, should I add something to the change log if this isn't referring to/closing a specific issue?


The change should be referring to a specific issue. 😃


(The checklist has an item for this.)


👍 will create an issue for it and make the changes requested


Save the date! joyride

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When did Calva get the green highlight in the right-hand gutter to indicate parts of the file that have been eval'd into the REPL since the last edit? 💚


Glad you like it! I think the answer is

## [1.1.11] - 2018-03-20

- Add inline annotations for interactive code evaluation results.


It is red if the eval resulted in an error. And white while it is evaluating.


I have never noticed it before today... I've seen the inline color overlay on the code in the file, but never the gutter highlighting...


It's a lot of competing highlighting in that gutter often for me at least.

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Hamid Sadeghian05:05:12

it's a very useful feature: • a visual indicator of what's already eval'd • and the eval results • exactly where such visual clues are needed basically fulfilling the need for playground / notebook functionality if only all of that wouldn't disappear the moment a single character is changed


Using Calva for the first time in a while and was a bit confused about the naming of the Jack-in options It seems Clojure CLI projects are referred to as deps.edn projects after the configuration file name, whereas Leiningen projects are referred to as Leiningen (and not their project.clj configuration). Perhaps it would be simpler to use one naming approach for each type of project. Or maybe its just me....


There is quite an impressive list of options these days, amazing job.


It's a bit messy with the naming, agreed.


And also we could do a better job at figuring out which options are really valid for a particular project.

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I think this has come about because no one really knows what to call deps.edn-based projects? Are they CLI? tools.deps (what a lot of people called them early on)? Or...? But "everyone" knows the name Leiningen and they talk about "Leiningen projects" or "lein projects".


Yeah. I renamed it from Clojure CLI to deps.edn because of a lot of questions around that. Since the rename, no questions. And no-one ever was confused about Leiningen so it was never renamed. 😃


But I don't think Leiningen folks would be confused about project.clj either, so it could be renamed to that.


On it's called Clojure CLI, so that's what I've been calling it.


With Calva a lot of choices are made based on what keeps the support level down. If people have troubles understanding what Clojure CLI we notice at the Calva support desk. 😃


@U05254DQM It's worth pointing out that is very new -- Alex just reworked the old Getting Started into Install Clojure -- so a couple of weeks ago it still looked like this, which doesn't use that phrase directly: -- referring to "Clojure tools" and "command line tools" instead. So Getting Started is new content, as is Editors (some content taken from the old Tools page) and Structural Editing. Install Clojure is an updated version of what used to be Getting Started.


Oh, maybe Alex copied it from me then 😂😂😂 I've been using Clojure CLI for what seems like an eternity


I've got the opposite as John -- I installed VSCode, VSSpaceCode, and Calva yesterday, and when I try and jack in to a project with a deps.edn file, the only project types available are nbb, joyride, and babashka


I've only made one configuration change to keybindings.json and I don't know where else to experiment with configuration. :thinking_face:


(It was to enable escape to leave insert mode)


Doesn't sound like a configuration problem...


It's the end of my day but if you've got any pointers I'll give them a try in the morning


Drawing blank right now...


oops... the morning of Monday I suppose. Maybe I'll try installing Calva sans VSSpaceCode


I don't think it is about VSSpaceCode either. 😃


Is deps.edn in the root of the folder opened in the VS Code window?


Ahhh. I had just opened the file, not paying any attention to folder structure or whatever. Now I get more options when jacking in; however, the repl output says it's never heard of bb or clojure. They are both installed.


It could be that the environment that VS Code is running in do not find them. Try starting VS Code from a command line with code. (You can install this with the VS Code command: Shell Command, install code command in PATH.)


There we go. :thumbsup::skin-tone-2:

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