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This is what I get when trying to run tests. Any ideas what might be causing it?

; Evaluating file: core_test.clj
; Running tests for csvdb.core-test...
; The server does not recognize or cannot perform the 'test-var-query' operation
This particular test looks like this


How did you start the repl?


By jack-in (`Ctrl-Alt-C Ctrl-Alt-J`)

Marc O'Morain22:04:53

This error means that the cider nrepl “test” middleware is not loaded.


Is it a Leiningen project?


Sorry for late response. It is a Leiningen project. Regarding test middleware not being loaded, I actually don't know what does it mean besides something related to CIDER. Should I add something to project settings or maybe tweak some VS Code parameters?


Check if your project has some cider-nrepl and/or nrepl dependency. If so, try with removing those and see if it works. test-var-quary is a new-ish op. So if the project defines some old-ish nrepl and/or cider-nrepl dependencies, maybe they override what Calva specifies on the command line (it is strange why it should, but Leiningen does behave a bit strange around this at times).


I guess it really has something to do with project settings. This project is from 2014 tutorial and probably dependencies there are too outdated (though nothing related to cider-nrepl or repl in project.clj ). Anyway, I just checked tests in newly scaffolded project and everything works fine. Thanks for helping me out! And thanks for Calva, I really like playing with it and everything works so smoothly:)

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Thanks! I’m surprised about no nrepl deps. But I vaguely remember something about Leiningen bundling nrepl. Which version of Leiningen are you using?


Oh, now I see. I was using Clojure 1.7.0 in that project and didn't pay attention to terminal output which said:

Warning: cider-nrepl requires Clojure 1.8 or greater.
Warning: cider-nrepl will not be included in your project.
I changed it to 1.8.0 and now tests work there too. Many thanks to you good sir!


Great! Thanks for sharing the resolution. I'm tucking under my belt. We should probably document it somewhere as well.

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