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Hi, Given the form (a1 a2 (b1 b2 b3) (c1 c2)). How can I quickly turn it into (b1 b2 b3) (c1 c2).


Like @U064X3EF3 says: Splice and Kill Backwards, with the cursor before (b1.

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:04:24

typically in paredit terms this would be a 'splice' with the cursor after a2 (or maybe 'splice and kill backwards' to be more specific), in case that helps you track it down (I don't know calva enough to answer explicitly)

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I find that some of the keybindings here don’t work as advertised on Macintoshes, would a list of issues be welcome/useful? It could be an issue just of my system but nonetheless


Yes, such a list would be very welcome and useful. We can figure about what is specific and not together when we have the list.


@UEH6VEQQJ are these key bindings that don’t work at all? or are they bindings that are colliding with default Mac OS shortcuts? I had a few cases of the latter, and had to remap or remove the OS defaults so I could use them in Calva instead.


Some seem to not work at all, some seem to clash with OS keybindings. Will have a list up maybe tomorrow

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