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Dear Calva friends: A new release of Calva is out. We finally have clojure-lsp working in the Getting Started REPL. And then it's @rayatrahman9 again. 😃. He has improved the command names for the most common Paredit movement commands. Much clearer and much easier to find in the command palette. • Fix:

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To be fair all i did was Find and Replace for like 2 minutes lol

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I used the dev build for this all day at work today. It mostly behaves. Thanks for doing this @rayatrahman9! 🙏

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Ahaaa! Now I get it. I started by looking at the unit tests in the codebase without being aware of Calva Document Text Notation. Now it makes a lot more sense after seeing your video 😊

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The latest multi-cursor build has a new diagnostics command. It creates a new document with selections and all from a snippet of text-notation. My idea here is that if someone finds a weirdness in the structural editing: 1. they use the command for printing text-notation and sends it to us (via issue, here on Clojurians, wherever) 2. we use the command for creating the doc from the notation. 3. Voilà! We see the same doc + selections as the user had We can recreate the results and the expected results like this as well. Fun fact. The utility helped me find a bug in our notation->doc immediately. 😃 See attached:

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