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Is it possible to jump to definition with Calva in CLJS. For example, jump to definition of glog/getLogger in this picture: ?


Not to JS sources, afaik.


So during normal dev, how do we know what functions to call?


It depends on the library, but I usually have goog docs in some browser tab. And you do have completions. Which helps in knowing what to search for in the docs-


Yup. Great to have the completion


I wish it would complete the ”namespace”, though.


Ultimately which tooling gives the completion candidates?


Suitable, iirc.


Hi Pez. How did you setup the tooling.


On my side I didn’t get the js completions.


I guess i shall do something to customize the clj-suitable.


Calva has a setting for it. Iirc it should be default on, but maybe I am remembering that wrong.


I already turned the setting on.


That should be enough. I don't do anything else than that. Are you injecting the dependencies Calva needs when you start the REPL?


Yes, I am most often using shadow-cljs. Probably why I only get this partially working.


I use shadowcljs but can nothing work on completions.


The runtime is on react native and does not work. However, on browser, the completion works fine and I shall do nothing.


I haven't tried in React Native in a while, maybe there is something about that runtime that stops it from working. I'll let you know if I get around to test it.


Really appreciate this!


👋 Hello, everyone. New clj programmer here, but experienced with vsc extension building and TS. Love calva, and paredit has been knocking my socks off everytime I get it right. I've been working on implementing I've opened that anyone is free to look around in. Here's > Unrelated, damn do I miss slurp/barf in other languages, kept trying to use it in TS for this. I've been trying to find extensions that do something like this elsewhere, but to no avail 😞 . Lmk if anyone has any ideas on existing work in this area!

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I'm working right now on - which was @pez’s suggestion to cleanup some of the API around selections/cursors - before I go back to properly and cleanly start work on the multi cursor thing. Will reply with a draft PR when opened! Excited to tackle these. Very grateful for the high-enthusiasm and immediate correspondence from @pez - it made me feel 100000x more motivated. Often I contemplate working on something but get the impression my PR won't be looked at for months or given much iterative feedback even so - this is totally within the maintainer's right, but def is not as motivating. ❤️

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This PR looks like it is soon good to go. I suggest undrafting it.


Any chance you could take a look at, @pez? I know you're busy and I think it might be your weekend anyways, but a yes or no on some of them might help us/me in the long run with this work! Appreciate it either way!