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Hello. clj kondo is linting oddly on my Calva:


Can you reproduce it using clj-kondo from the command line?


Strange. Ran it from the command line, now the error vanished


Ghosts in the machine.


Any idea what it might have been? Stale cache?


I don't know, really. But I've seen a bit of flaky behaviour with this lately. I wonder if it going away when you ran clj-kondo from the command line might be a clue...


Very likely a stale cache


Question is where it is cached. Calva isn't caching this. clojure-lsp is, but I think we have so far only seen this with Calva and not with other clojure-lsp clients. If it is VS Code caching it, then I don't see why running clj-kondo from the command line would fix it.


I don't think we are tracking this with an issue, actually. If you have the time, please file one.


It says that the key is missing a value.


Persists across a restart and removal of cache

Lukas Domagala13:03:32

removal of which cache? there are multiple layers of caches. .clj-kondo has a cache, it mostly holds the structure of your project as far as I remember. .lsp has a cache that holds the analysis of any jar files used by your project. there are a few more in-memory caches involved in the whole thing…


clj-kondo cache


@U0ETXRFEW looked at it as well. I’m not sure how it fixed itself. I ran clj-kondo by hand and it vanished


But I can’t reproduce it!


I'm reluctant two discuss this in a second thread, just sayn' 😃 (See channel pinned item about it.) Anyway, this issue looks intermittent to me see far. But to my experience nothing is really intermittent. It is always my failure to see the pattern. I think we might have a chance to see a pattern if we collect clues on an issue on Github. This report has at least two clues, so a good start! 😃


I was interviewed by @audiolabs for episode 167 or Cognicast, I enjoyed the chat a lot! A sweet detail is that Russ Olsen created a still to represent the episode. gratitude

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Russ Olsen21:03:49

Glad you liked the artwork. If you would like a variation (perhaps w/o the Cognicast logo) I’d be happy to make it for you.

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Russ Olsen19:03:13

There you go.

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I love this still!

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