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The Test Explorer thing looks very interesting, but I don't see any tests pop up in the activity bar testing section. I have set calva.useTestExplorer to true. I am on WSL Ubuntu 20.04.


I have to open a test file for the testing view to get populated.

Marc O'Morain20:01:41

You’ll need to either open a test file to get clojure-lsp to index the file and find test, or run some tests to see them.

Marc O'Morain20:01:08

The API that VSCode provides makes the empty state pretty confusing.

Tomas Brejla09:01:01

@U0K592YDP are Test Explorer: Run all test and similar vscode commands supposed to work with current experimental text explorer support? This new functionality seems to work perfectly when I mouse-click the individual deftestor test ns, but mentioned commands don't work for me. Similarly, there's Run Test button (see enclosed picture) when I hover over test explorer's title. This button actually seems to run the tests, but it doesn't reflect the changes that I made into test's code. In order to apply my code changes I have to evaluate the modified deftestfirst. Do you have some tips about what workflow should I use if I want to use this new (beautiful!) explorer functionality, while not having to touch my mouse? Thanks!

Tomas Brejla09:01:50

Oh.. seems I can use Calva: Run All Tests and it reflects the results in test explrorer.. nice. I still have to re-evaluate the modified tests first, but that's probably a feature, not a bug.

Marc O'Morain09:01:16

That's a great question. How much code should we evaluate when you hit ‘Run Test’ ? The Text Explorer code is sent a message with a list of the Test Items that you selected when you click Run Tests. We then need to take action. Currently we run the tests.

Marc O'Morain09:01:54

We could evaluate any namespaces that are included in the set of tests. Evaluating any more than that might be tricky?

Tomas Brejla09:01:15

Calva : Run Current Tests actually seems to automatically reload that test's namespace before running the test :thinking_face:

Tomas Brejla09:01:46

Oh, and there are even Test: prefixed commands 😄..