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Marc O'Morain20:01:46

I found a bug in my code on dev earlier - if a test errors, and the “error” message from cider-nrepl has no line number data, the output pane will show incomplete data. I’ll PR a fix tomorrow.

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Marc O'Morain10:01:28

This is a strange issue - sometimes the output window does not get the prompt appended after a test run, and other times it does. When I run the same test over and over, it works sometimes and doesn’t work other times.

Marc O'Morain10:01:31

It works consistently when I trigger the test with the c t keybinding, but when I click on the “run test” in the UI it fails. So triggering from the Test Explorer UI must behave a little differently.


Now that the feature is released, we should file an issue about this strangety. Can you do it, since you know most about it.