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Why do I see this error? When I try to resolve using the lightbulb, nothing happens. When I try to resolve using the command, I see an error in a popup.


What I ended up doing is adding the correct entry to the :config-paths in .clj-kondo/config.edn.


Thanks for updating with your fix. A bit confusing error message, I agree. We should look into that, please file an issue to give us something to track, and make the solution visible.


I believe the reason nothing happened using the lightbulb method (code actions) is because that method currently doesn’t work, but should soon when clojure-lsp is updated.

Lukas Domagala12:12:52

when i do “slurp sexp forward” at:

where the | is my cursor, i get ” somestuff”. I would expect the string to not start with a space. Is that intended behavior?


Not really intended, It’s a side effect of that strings are treated as lists and we haven’t made a special case for it. But we can consider. You could file an issue. Would be nice if you did a bit of research about more of the paredit commands and see if you think they behave, and also compare with other paredit implementations. But just an issue on the string slurp case is good as well.

Lukas Domagala14:12:40

k I’ll put up an issue and see if I can find time to try some more string things. Although I’m not a super heavy paredit user, so it might be good if someone else also plays around with it.

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Experiencing the issue with calling an internal web page from calva. When a call to the page is evaluated the evaluation blocks synchronously. If the page is too slow or non-responsive in the browser the repl suspends. Interrupting the evaluation doesn't do much. I cannot press enter in the repl or evaluate any new commands after that. This is rather annoying because I have to disconnect from the repl, and reconnect/re-evaluate all namespaces and libraries over again! Not good experience when showing this to colleagues either. Any suggestions on how to unfreeze the repl/calva without re-connecting?


Is this when having used jack-in?


Also, I don’t recognize the situation at all. I wonder why it happens like that…


I am connecting to a running babachka nrepl via 'Connect to running repl in your project'


and specifying the port. It works fine most of the time. But the problem is bugging me daily now, too often to ignore


Ah, so I have never made webapps with babashka. Maybe it does not implement the interrupt eval op? See if you can reproduce the problem w/o Calva.


Is there a way to color only the definition of a variable? I’d like to have half-count definition below colored different than variable uses

(let [half-count (/ (count row) 2)]
I looked at textmate coloring, but half-count has the same scopes as row. But might it be possible because the formatter knows that Control+Alt l should format let vars?


I don’t think there is.

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