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Yuner Bekir07:12:02

Is there a way I can configure how my maps get formatted? Currently after formatting they are aligned under the longest keyword and I would like it to be just a single space after the keyword.


Sounds like you might have :align-associative? true in your cljfmt config. That is not recommended.

Yuner Bekir09:12:52

I don't have it set to true. It's like that out of the box. I might have clicked something unintentional, but I will check and confirm

Yuner Bekir09:12:34

I use the shortcut shift+alt+f, would that be causing the issue?


Depends on what that shortcut is bound to.


Yes, so that is bound to a command that aligns on the longest key. Use tab for formatting instead and you should be good.


@pez How are things currently with the parinfer branch? Looking at the PR, I think the last commit was some eight days ago, and in the meantime there were some changes regarding clojure-lsp integration I believe. Would it be a good moment to merge dev into you branch and for me to start testing it again?


Yes, I should merge dev in there. I haven’t had much time to look inte the actual problems. I think I need to shrink the distance between dev and this branch some. If that makes sense. (Like cherry picking refactorings from this branch to dev.)


Now merged dev in there.

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Yeah I get you. I'll start testing it again!