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My key binding for calva “ctrl+alt+c space” seems to have disappeared, it has happened on 2 macOS laptops. Anyone any ideas why? I have relinked to a similar Calva action but I can’t find the exact same one. Appreciate if someone can advise what this key binding should be linked to.


That used to be the shortcut for evaluating the top level form. It has since been replaced with alt+ enter. The old and new shortcuts lived in parallel for a while, but it was eventually cleaned up:


Hello 👋


How can I disable linting with fresh vs code install + calva?


In other words would like to ban the “squiggly line” 😉


Found it, thanks!


Calva Parinfer experiment, Take 2 about to launch. I hope I won’t have to figure out how to roll back again. 😃


Whoop, whoop!

Marc O'Morain16:12:54

Best of luck !

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Dear Calva friends, a new version is just out. Read about it here:

calva 2

I would love that you upgrade quickly. There are two experiments, both guarded behind settings clearly marked as experimental. However, to be able to support this I have had to make some rather big changes in the code all over and also some changes in settings and such. It should generally be better also for people not participating in the experiments, but who knows… Last time I launched the experiments I had to roll back quickly… Help me confirm quickly that this time I can let the release stay on the marketplace! ❤️

Ryan Jerue17:12:53

Thank you, @U0K592YDP!

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Ryan Jerue23:12:45

weird behavior with parinfer, if I press return, initially the }} doesn’t move to the new line, once I start typing, it moves to the new line. It works, just differently than I expected


I’ve reverted back to 2.0.226 for now because of the indentation issue.


Any idea why these seemingly random line breaks happen in Calva's output? pprint turned on.


I see similar breaks in pprint output in Emacs using CIDER.


That issue was Closed in 2013 and a fix (for CIDER) was merged in 2017... perhaps a similar fix could be made to Calva.


Interesting. Please file an issue with repro code.


Is this on 2.0.227? And, if so, can you try with 226?


I've been seeing the issue for weeks/months, so I don't think it was introduced in 227.


Ah, yes. Thanks for digging that up!

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