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Is it on the Calva roadmap to make scripting Calva in CLJ/CLJS possible? I.e. Emacs :: ELisp == Calva :: CLJ/CLJS ?


Calva has no roadmap. 😀 I think it would be interesting to investigate how it could be achieved, but it is nothing we have discussed.


Hello everyone, Is there a way to add hooks to Calva so that when running the "Calva: Refresh all namespaces", the system is halted and started again (reloaded workflow) ? The same thing achieved with Cider on this page: with the following code :

(setq cider-ns-refresh-before-fn "user/stop-system!"
      cider-ns-refresh-after-fn "user/start-system!")


Hi there! There are no such hooks in Calva. The best you can currently do is to configure custom repl command snippets that you can run before and after refreshing namespaces. You are welcome to file a feature request.


Do the feature requests go to Github > Discussions > Ideas ?


As an issue on the repo I think is best. There is not so very much to discuss here. There is prior art and it is more a matter of spending the time to investigate how to do it and to do it.


to any Calva + VSCodeVim users out there: when using w in normal mode the cursor doesn't end up where expected. for eg |hello/world will navigate to hello/world| instead of hello|/world If I disable Calva, w works as expected. Anyone know of a workaround or what in Calva might be influencing the behavior?


Not sure about this, but could it have to do with the Note here?


Thanks @U0ETXRFEW editor.wordSeparators is the magic incantation. I should contribute some of these to the page.


Please do. 😃 There is also this issue about it, I now remember:

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