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Baibhav Bista07:11:49

Hey have Calva's default shortcuts changed recently? My shortcuts don't seem to work.

Baibhav Bista07:11:57

Though VSCode upgraded recently so it may be that they have new shortcuts


No changes to Calva defaults recently. Is there any specific shortcut that doesn’t work? Does Calva work?

Baibhav Bista07:11:51

yeah Calva seems to work The problem is that the shortcuts were part of muscle memory and I don't really remember the names I think they were (on windows): Ctrl + Alt + left, Ctrl + Alt + right and probably others too



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I was sure it used to be , and . on linux and LEFT, RIGHT on windows, but now it seems to be , and . on both.


CTRL+ALT+LEFT / RIGHT, now toggles vertical panes

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Baibhav Bista10:11:15

Thanks @U013YN3T4DA! Yeah those are what I wanted


What are Paredit slurp and barf bound to on Linux?



Marc O'Morain15:11:38

I’ve also lost syntax colouring recently in Calva. Is there a known issue? I see Sean had the same issue above.


Do you have Clover installed?

Marc O'Morain15:11:57

ooo, vscode has “extension bisect”

Marc O'Morain15:11:05

I might try that later once I’m done coding for now


When I put (defn p [x] 42) the x isn't marked as unused. Did I somehow turn off the linter? How would I turn it back on?


If you look in the Problems tab, do you see any other linter report that might explain?


No, I see no hint of a linter in the Problems tab. There are messages from the Java plugin that reads pom.xml, but that's all. The REPL works (I'm using Leiningen). By the way, is clj-kondo invoked by Calva directly or via the LSP? Can I tell whether or not the Clojure language server started?


The linting is provided via clojure-lsp which uses clj-kondo. You can run the command Calva Diagnostics: Clojure-lsp Server Info to check if the server is running.


You should see the info printed in the “Calva says” output window if the server is running.


If the server is not running a message will say so.


clojure-lsp was not running! I fetched it, put its location in Settings, reopened VS Code; then Calva's linting worked! --> I have a theory, that VS Code's HTTP Proxy settings are not used by Calva when downloading clojure-lsp? I do not see a Github Issue on this subject.


File an issue please. We are just downloading using node. We can look into how to consider vS Code's proxy setting.


I´m using Calva in Windows with VSCODE Version: 1.61.2, and when I start Jack-in it keeps running for 3 - 4 minutes of Openjdk with 50% of CPU until it gets down to 0%. Is it normal happen this?


Definitely not.


It’s probably nothing to do with Calva or VS Code. Try copying the jack-in command line and run it in a terminal outside VS Code, to isolate the problem a bit.


I´ll do it and inform you


I also see this behaviour now and then. It hasn’t bothered me enough to sit down and track it down, but maybe I’ll just run the jack-in command from CLI for a while. Just doing it “when it happens” is not enough in my situation, because it’s not that predictable when it happens.

Stefan T22:11:43

I’ve seen a lot of chatter on here about syntax highlighting issues, and I’ve been having lots of issues where it’s just constantly breaking. Does anybody have any debugging tips? It’s starting to drive me quite insane.


I see some oddities with syntax highlighting sometimes too, such as a delay, or sometimes it breaks as you’ve shown. I think this is related to the recent change of using the semantic tokens feature of clojure-lsp. I’m not saying it’s clojure-lsp’s fault though. I haven’t looked into it, but it hasn’t been very annoying for me. @UKFSJSM38 Do you see any issues like this with other clients? I wonder if Calva’s highlighting sometimes conflicts with clojure-lsp’s, but I’m not sure if that’s possible. CC @U0ETXRFEW

Stefan T03:11:26

I think I fixed the issue by pinning clojure-lsp to 2021.10.20-16.49.47, so it might have been a recent regression. Sorry I don’t remember how long I’ve been seeing this for. Hard to tell because I can’t easily reproduce it. I have been having a variety of problems related to clojure-lsp and I just haven’t had time to debug. For example, I’ve been seeing this coming from clojure language client when the hover docs break SEVERE: Unable to invoke no-args constructor for class clojure_lsp.ClojuredocsParams, not sure if it’s related or indicates some greater configuration issue.


You can disable semantic tokens in the clojure-lsp settings. That will get rid of the problem in the screenshot until this is fixed. I usually see it when the file changes on disk, such as when I switch branches or pull from remote.


Then we have an issue with the language server client implementation since a recent upgrade of that. Here's a symptom.


Which version of clojure-lsp are you using when you get that hover error?


It could be both vscode or clojure-lsp issue, we need to debug the result from server on semantic tokens response


I don't see it in emacs, (emacs has other semantic tokens issue, but not related with this one, they are issue on lsp-mode side)


If you manage to make a minimal repro it'd help a lot to investigate the issue


I have failed to create a repro so far. How about that next time we see it, @UQE9SS4DP, we use the command Developer: Inspect tokens and scopes and see what it says?


We should of course also implement the cursorInfo command, but anyway. ¯\(ツ)


This somehow remembers me of the old "rainbow text" from old mac computers 😄

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