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There is now a Why Calva? page on the Calva site: Please share it around at will. 😃

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@pez and @brandon.ringe I'm coming from Spacemacs and just started getting familiar with Calva with VSpaceCode. Calva has been a great experience so far and a pleasure to use. Thanks for all your hard work! I'd like to help add a smartparens feature I use heavily called sp-kill-hybrid-sexp I'm not fluent in any of TypeScript/JavaScript/elisp/VS Code but could give it a go if it makes sense to add. If so I might pester you guys for guidance 😁

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Awesome, @amar. I'll be happy to assist in any way I can. I suggest you start with looking at paredit-tests.ts. If you install the Mocha Test Explorer extension, it's very easy to run and debug the tests.

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When using, should it mirror repl evaluations or does it work with tap only? The reason I ask is it’s not mirroring Calva’s repl evaluations, but tapping works fine.


I think it should mirror the evaluations...


I wonder if anyone else has had this issue before and was able to fix it. I remember this same problem happened when I first tried Reveal w/ Calva ages ago but I was never able to resolve it 😭


I'm away from my computer today and tomorrow, so I can't check things. However, iirc, there is a Calva command for tapping the last evaluated results. If not, it is easy to create one using custom REPL commands.


No worries, thanks a lot for the directions. I found something about custom repl commands in Calva docs, I’ll give it a try.


Defining a command that does (tap> *1) would help a bit while we figure out why it is not following.

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For those of you who run Leiningen projects, this nrebl-middleware update allows me to run Calva + REBL 🎉


I’ve also had some luck with #portal


Both of these two visualization tools help to scratch the itch for the functionality that #protorepl used to provide


@mschmele I have Reveal running in every REPL I start -- I love it! I have quite a few custom VS Code tasks to send various things to tap> so I can view Java docs and inline in Reveal, amongst other things.


Oooh very nice I’ll have to check that out! I’m still trying to learn how to be more efficient with using tap> for running code snippets


(I should probably point out that although I'm using Calva for editing/static stuff/LSP, I'm using Clover for the REPL and therefore have my custom tasks as ClojureScript code that Clover runs to install the tasks)


> Calva uses a mix of static and dynamic analysis to power the experience. That's damn cool 💪 Relatedly, looks like it could be mentioned in the README? currently only CIDER is mentioned

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Yeah, I think we definitely should mention Calva's usage of clojure-lsp in the readme. We must have missed that up until now, having only added information about it to the docs. Thanks for the heads up! I'll make an issue for later and try to get to it soon.

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