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hello all, is there any way to see if calva is starting with UTF-8?


What do you mean by "starting with UTF-8?"


You can see what encoding is being used for the given file in the status bar (this is a VSCode feature), and you can click it and select to reopen a file with a specific encoding, or save with a specific encoding. I'm not sure if that's helpful to you.


every time I started in command line with deps.edn with :dev {:jvm-opts ["-Dclojure.server.repl={:port,5556,:accept,clojure.core.server/repl}" "-Dfile.encoding=\"UTF-8\""]} to java start in UTF-8 mode. But I see that Jack-in I can´t include this file.encoding="UTF-8"


I think it works

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Is it possible to restart lsp? I’ve the lsp config file modified, but I don’t want to close vscode and restart.


Window Reload

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Note: That will kill the REPL.

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(If it was started via Jack-in, as I think it is in this case.)


It's on my backlog add support for reloading config automatically 😅

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One of the problems I’m having with Vim is that Forward Sexp doesn’t respect visual mode. For example if I go to the end of a form, it gets stuck unless I put it in insert mode after the parenthesis before doing another Forward Sexp. Any ideas?


No ideas, really. Calva would need to know about visual mode to be able to know what is the right thing to do.


Also wondering how do you toggle paredit mode? I was thinking about disabling it so I can keep Calva for the REPL and other features, then using something else like parinfer-rust through the VS Code Neovim extension to get some paredit-like functionality


Paredit and parinfer should be quite compatible. I don't think disabling paredit will gain you anything. What you probably will need to disable is Calva's autoformatting.


This is what I mean by disable paredit mode. I see it in the manual here but can’t find how to actually do it in VS Code


Oops nevermind I found it "calva.paredit.defaultKeyMap": "none" it was on that page after all, at the bottom


Hello all, is there any way to refresh tests from a namespace, if I remove one test, how can I remove that test is not use anymore?


The only way I know to do it, besides restarting your repl, is to redefine the var that the test was assigned to. So if you removed a test called some-test then evaluating (def some-test nil) in the same namespace would make that deleted test not run any more. This is not a great solution though, of course 😄. I'd recommend restarting your repl, unless anyone else knows a better way. CC @U0ETXRFEW


un-aliasing the var should hide it from any dynamic lookup. Calva has a command for refreshing the namespace, which might work.


I tested with (remove-ns 'namespace) and it worked


TIL about ns-unalias 😄.