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I run “fire up clojurescript browser repl”. Behind the theme, what is transpiling the cljs code to js, shadow or figwheel, or the vanilla cljs-build? And how does this happen?

Ryan Jerue13:07:09

I assume you mean the calva cljs getting started repl? I’m not too sure what is behind it for the “Welcome” app (though I don’t see any evidence of shadow, so my guess is vanilla), but ClojureScript is the compiler that compiles the cljs to js. If you look at the sources tab under the element inspector, you can even see the js that gets returned, though it’s far from human readable.


Yes, it's vanilla ClojureScript.


When does the cljs got compiled to js?


The REPL is started like on , the minimal cljs project.


Thanks! I was not at the computer. Anyway, I choose to use a vanilla ClojureScript REPL for this in the hope that newcomers will better understand the role of shadow-cljs and Figwheel, if they are not led directly there.