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Ar Nazeh06:07:35

Good morning, I absolutely love Calva, and it definitely is more than what I am using it for so far. That being said; Can I disable formatting on tab key ?


Hello! Happy you like Calva! Formatting on tab is a keyboard shortcut binding. You can rebind it as you fancy.

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Ar Nazeh14:07:27

I didn't find where I can change that, but with VsCode commands using Toggle Keybindings Enabled I managed to turn it off!


That is a Calva command, and it will turn off all Calva keybindings. Probably not what you want to do. If you don’t want to do Calva format with the tab key then assign some other keyboard shortcut to the Calva format command. The VS Code command Preferences: Open Keyboard Shortcuts will give you a UI for re-assigning.

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Ar Nazeh15:07:07

Thank you! that is exactly what I needed. I appreciate it.

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