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Hey People 👋 I am having issues with connecting to an already running REPL. When I try to connect, it does work but I don't get any confirmations in the REPL window. If I restart vscode and do the same, then it starts working. This is what I get in the calva REPL window:

; This is the Calva evaluation results output window.
; TIPS: The keyboard shortcut `ctrl+alt+c o` shows and focuses this window
;   when connected to a REPL session.
; Please see  for more info.
; Happy coding! ♥️
It basically just hangs without any confirmation.


Not seen that one before, @punit-naik. Please file an issue about it using VS Code’s issue function (in the Help menu). Provide some info about the project, how it’s started, and such.


@punit-naik That actually looks like it could be the same issue as this one: Although, they mention jack-in. But it seems to be the same behavior and workaround (reloading VS Code).

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If that looks to be the same as for you, please comment there with your details.

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Already did, thanks!

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Thank you as well

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