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Mitja09:06:35 you can navigate to re-frames sub and events. Is this something that could work with Calva as well? As far as I understand it is using both clojure-lsp and clj-kondo, so in theory it should, but I wasn't able to get it to work. One thing I noticed is that @borkdude is using namespaced event names, is that necessary for this to work? I also checked the PR that adds support for this for clj-kondo and from the you have to import the re-frame's functions directly from re-frame? So using you own wrappers around these functions would probably not work?


Hi, @U01S4SWKENT. We “met” in the clojureD chat yesterday, right? I get this to work in my work project. And my Emacs wielding colleague get it to work as well. I’m not in the know about what is required of the project. You might find more knowledge around it in the #lsp channel, even if both @borkdude and @UKFSJSM38 are known for extending their support here as well. 😃


Yes, that was me 🙂 Moving this to #lsp


👋 pleasure to meet!


Nice to meet you as well 👋


You said that you get this to work in you work project, that is using vscode and calva?


Haha, yeah. But you can’t be sure, because if I was using something else I wouldn’t dare say so. 😃 Jokes aside, the way LSP works it is quite little happening in Calva (or Emacs) with a thing like this. We just get the feature for free once we (well, @U9A1RLFNV) had done the plumbing needed.


I see. I guess then it must be just some configuration issue in our project. Also saw that borkdude replied in #lsp, so I already have some things to test out. Thanks!

Jacob Rosenzweig16:06:24

Anyone know why this happens when I try to jack into a repl session for a shadow-cljs reagent project?


Hmm I haven't seen that before. Does this happen with a new reagent project created from a template?


Calva version 2.0.200 is out which uses the latest version of clojure-lsp.


200 releases since Calva 2.0! 🎊

🎉 30
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