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This will soon be default with Calva Jack-in. But you can use it right now by temporarily changing your jack-in dependency settings. It would be nice if some of you tried that and let us know how you fare. Of course, if you use Calva Connect, you are encouraged to test this as well. 😃


Please try this out, Calva and clojure-lsp friends.

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@U9A1RLFNV The way I implemented the custom snippets was a little tricky, It'd be nice to check if everything works on Calva side indeed

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I don’t get any snippet completion. Do I need to do something to enable it? Or do we maybe need to do something in Calva to enable it?


the only validation clojure-lsp does, is the suggested by the about checking if client has support for that via the boolean snippetSupport


you may need to check if you are sending that as true


Will do. We might want to do this opt-in for the users.

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I noticed that indentation of multi-line docstrings changed recently. It used to be like this:

(defn foo
  "This is line one and when you press enter
  you got this indentation, aligned with the quote"
but now you get this:
(defn foo
  "This is line one and when you press enter
   you get three spaces and you're aligned with the word instead"
Is this a deliberate change and, if so, what is the justification for it?


> justification No pun intended? 😄 Really though, I'm unaware of anything that changed that, but @U0ETXRFEW might know since he's recently added some paredit changes/improvements.


No pun intended 😞

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This could be a side effect from when we added an option to prevent unbalanced closing at quotes. I'll have a look.


FWIW, VS Code prompted me to restart for an update — and now I can’t reproduce it: docstrings seem to be working just fine, exactly as they were before.


And maybe I’m having that kind of day: my Canary builds of Microsoft Edge were also doing weird things, so I reported bugs to MS, then restarted to pick up a new version and the bugs all went away 👀

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Funny it only hit docstrings. Happy it got resolved! I was utterly without clues. 😀


So am I at this point :face_with_rolling_eyes:


(pretty much all the Clojure code I’ve seen uses that first indentation style so that’s why this stood out as a noticeable change and it “looked weird”!)