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Hi! In my dev environment, I need to almost always jack-in using leiningen with my dev profile, so I was wondering if there is any option in (VSCode + calva) to pre-select these configurations already and when I select option “Start or connect to a Clojure REPL” (or its short cut) it just starts the REPL with my confs without needing to select them again and again.


Hello! Yes, we call them REPL Jack-in and Connection Sequences and they support what you ask for, and then some:


Hmm, with the help of this

"calva.replConnectSequences": [
            "name": "My Defaults",
            "projectType": "Leiningen",
            "cljsType": "none",
            "menuSelections": {
                "leinProfiles": ["dev"],
I managed to remove one menu selection option about profile selection, but there are still 2 options I need to select manually. 1. Start your project with REPL server and connect(aka jack-in) 2. select a project type, to my custom project type Is there any option to eliminate selecting them as well?


Using the jack-in command should eliminate the first one. The second one, I don’t think so, but you can think of it as a chorded keyboard shortcut: ctrl+alt+c ctrl+alt+j enter.


cool thanks 👍


I've reworked the PR for using clojure-lsp native binaries (really just converted it to TypeScript). If anyone wants to help test that would be great. It should indicate that it's downloading then initializing clojure-lsp in the status bar. I've tested on briefly on Windows and Linux (Manjaro). Still could use a Mac test and any other testing would be nice.


I’ll give it a spin tomorrow at work, @brandon.ringe.

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I've run across an issue with that vsix with the completion request failing while editing a deps.edn file. Reported here:


Fixed and released 🙂


Works 😃


@richiardiandrea I've added some info to this issue about using the debugger for endpoints in ring and pedestal services. If you have time to review the pedestal part (as I think that applied to your situation) and add add any info/questions/feedback that could help us to improve the docs around this or to fix something if needed, that would be very appreciated.


will definitely check and do that - will post here


wow you actually identified the problem with pedestal there, good job, var reloading is always a problem in this kind of things


Oh, good to know I hit the mark!


There could be some way around that with pedestal