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Hey all! I finally made the jump from Emacs to VS Code with Calva on Mac, loving it so far! There is just one thing about paredit that I am wondering about. I am clumsy, and often type “]” instead of “[” or “)” instead of “(”. In this case, I am writing an unbalanced paren - that I cannot delete, because somehow paredit seems to prevent me from doing it. I can select and cut it with CMD-X. Is there something I am missing, or something I can configure?

Tomas Brejla16:03:06

Not sure about Mac, but it's possible to use`Alt+Backspace` instead of just plain Backspace on linux. The alt-variant ignores balancing. Similarly, it's possible to use Alt+Del instead of just Del


That’s a good step, thank you! The ideal way would to prevent unbalanced parens completely. I just rechecked with Emacs, and I’m not able to type anything unbalanced, there. Is there a good reason to allow this? It’s not really a big deal, but something that really sticks out when switching


It is a quirk we have lived with for very long. I think we have turned blind towards it. Please file and issue about it.


Just did, thank you very much for your response!


Welcome to Calva, @javahippie!

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Hi all, is there a way to bind a key command to evaluate a specific form in Calva? Like to run (restart) from the user ns even if I’m somewhere else?


I currently make an edit somewhere, switch over to user ns and then restart the server. I’m sure there must be a better way here.


Hi, @limix! Yes, use the Custom REPL Commands featue for this.


beautiful thank you @pez

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