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Hello Calva friends. I've been working on making Calva use the graalvm-compiled native binaries for clojure-lsp. I've tested this vsix on Manjaro Linux and Windows 10 Pro. If anyone could give it a bit more testing that would be great. With these changes, the appropriate clojure-lsp binary for your OS will now be downloaded by Calva then started. Startup time is much faster, though initial startup with a given project still takes a bit (faster than before though). CPU usage and memory usage should be lower as well.

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And that's all, really. Just want to make sure it downloads and starts properly on other systems


And of course, thanks to @ericdallo for his work on the graalvm compilation for clojure-lsp.

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Ok, here's a new vsix in which the clojure-lsp version is set back to the one currently in use, so we can isolate any issues to being related to the PR, and not changes to clojure-lsp, aside from switching from a jar file to a binary file.


Now with this VSIX I'm having issues with navigation and hovers not working... Back to the drawing board! Just to clarify, it's an issue with cljs/js interop that I thought I worked around, but it's popped up again.


I can't test right now. Will do first thing tomorrow.

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