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If anyone else is having issues with the debugger with VS Code 1.54 please chime in on this issue with details like OS and project type: I cannot reproduce the issues on Manjaro Linux or Windows 10 Pro.


Hi all, any ideas on how to get calva to auto generate the correct namespace? I am using the re-frame template out of the box and I only get the namespace of new files to be the name of the file. I went through the readme and I can’t see what I am missing.


With auto-generate namespace you mean when you crate a new file and the namespace added to that file?


I only get (ns my-file) instead of (ns


I’m jacked in, and I have the correct source-path as generated in the re-frame template. I’ve tried also adding source-path to a few other places in the config map, but nothing has worked so far


I think it is broken. Please file as a bug.


@U9A1RLFNV we should let lsp do this, right?


Will do thank you


@U0ETXRFEW I think that would be best going forward


Need help testing a VSIX again, dear Calva friends. I’ve added a command for evaluating the code from start of the list up to the cursor. Sounds simple enough, which it is. But I had to restructure the select-for-evaluation code a bit because gnomes and kittens where in the line of fire. So now I could have broken something. My testing indicates I haven’t, but it is late here in the North… • Here’s the PR with some details: • Here’s the VSIX:

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Cris B05:03:55

@U0ETXRFEW - have used on and off for a few hours today sans issues. The new eval-to-cursor facility (nice!) doesn't so far seem to have broken anything for me.

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It really is a nice facility. I've been wanting to add it for quite a while, but procrastinated the needed restructuring. Thanks for giving it a spin!

Jan Ignatius06:03:29

Is this feature auto-updated with VS Code or do I have to manually update it?


It's not yet released. To use it you'll need to install the VSIX. Depending on your auto-update settings you will get it automatically once it is released.