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Cris B02:03:53

@pez / @brandon.ringe - have you ever had the VSCode extension host fail to see any new code added (symptoms - new stuff making no difference, debugger breaks occur a few lines away from breakpoints, new vars not available in watches, etc)? No wonder I got nowhere when trying to move on that PR this morning! It's probably something silly in the environment I've missed, but I'm most puzzled (not to say frustrated). I'll boot into another OS and try there when I get a chance, but if you've come across this and have any ideas they'd be very welcome.


This has happened I believe when I've not had the watch task running (ctrl+shift+b)


Otherwise though, I'm not sure why that would occur. But it sounds like it's using an old version of the code, which happens if you change something without building or with no watch running and then start the extension host.


And of course, for TS changes, you have to restart the extension host, but I'm guessing you're aware

Cris B03:03:31

Got it, thanks. Long-running watch task was in a hidden (and forgotten by me!) terminal, and had crashed. Cheers 😉

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Can’t count the number of times I haves been pulling my hair not understanding why my changes have no effect. 😃

Cris B23:03:01

Thanks that makes me feel slightly less of a dope ... (slightly)

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