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Dear Calva and Clojure friends. For my current work with creating a Getting Started experience for Calva, I’ve just decided that the guides are rather content and shouldn’t be bundled with Calva, They will instead be downloaded on demand from this repo: So if you are helping out with finding the many spelling and grammar errors I add to the files, please file issues and submit PR:s to the dram repo. Please feel invited to fork the repo and jack in to it to test the guides out. Even more important than the spelling is to help me to not spread too many misconceptions about Clojure with the hello_clojure.clj REPL file. To test a Calva build that uses this repo, install this one:

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Hello makers and friends of Calva 👋 I have been wondering if there is a shortcut in Calva Paredit to comment out the current form with #_ ?


Hello! There isn’t, actually. There was an issue filed recently about making the block level comment wrap the current form in (comment …), maybe you can add this request as a comment there? It is a bit related and good to see them both together when choosing how to implement.


#_ is already shorter than most Calva shortcuts. Maybe you are looking for a quicker way to move the point to the start of the form, where you could then type #_?


Quicker than alt+left/right and ctrl+up/down?


Good points. Upon second thought, it’s not clear how to speed it up. I think my (perceived) issue was that adding #_ is much slower than doing cmd-slash. But that’s not a fair comparison, because cmd-slash does not comment out structurally …


I think I should simply get into the habit of using alt+left/right and then type #_.