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Here’s an updated VSIX for ^that^, fixing the Windows issues on my VBox Windows at least. Please give it a spin friends! CC: @cb.lists @slack_clojurians


Much better. I was able to get the "Getting Started" REPL started without issue. To really get things started, the three .clj files should probably provide some guidance for evaluating the file. I'd recommend adding instructions for using Ctrl+Alt+C, Enter to evaluate the file in the REPL so that the new user can then evaluate each form. It would be useful for a new user if Alt+Enter would advance to the next top level form like I did with the MultiCommand Extension. Ideally it would probably step into each form in a comment, but that's just because it isn't as discoverable to someone unfamiliar with it. Lastly, the only example which unexpectedly doesn't work, after preparing the REPL for a namespace and stepping through each form, is the (def slurp-barf ...) definition in hello_paredit.clj. ; Syntax error compiling def at (c:\Users\[REDACTED]\AppData\Local\Temp\g31m79\hello_paredit.clj:64:1). ; Too many arguments to def For introducing someone to Clojure, this is a very good experience. I have a slight concern that a reliance on deps.clj will make it more difficult for someone to transition to running things outside Code, but other than a Java dependency, and I didn't see what would happen without Java installed, this is a very nice experience.


Thanks! I had added that load-file instruction to hello-clojure.clj, but should of course be added to hello-paredit as well. hello-repl is loaded by the “wizard”, perhaps unwisely, but I wanted to keep it super short. I don’t want to add more non-Calva behaviour so auto-advancing forms ain’t gonna happen 😃 . Good catch wih the slurp-barf form. Now fixed in my dev file. Thanks! I share the deps.clj concern, but it will have to be a sacrifice on the altar of Easy Start. Perhaps we can wet the appetite this way so that installing clojure tools will be something you gladly do to continue your journey. Java is required. There’s really nothing we can do about that until we make Calva work in Theia and therefore Gitpod. (I work on that now and then, but it is tiresome, so I escape from that work mostly.)

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Welcome @sindre!

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