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Eric Uitbeijerse07:01:26

Hi, seems that Ctrl-C Ctrl-D does not always kill a running process, for instance a large doseq or map with printing in it. It does recognize the command as it say 'interruption command finished (unknown results)'. Tried it both from the code editor and the REPL, same effect. (Calva 2.0.153 on Windows). Any Thoughts?


@eric.uitbeijerse it is a known issue. The process is interrupted but the output window is not stopped in its printing of all the lines that have stacked up. Printing to an editor window is a bit slow.


Ahoy! I have a pristine (I think) VS Code and Calva installation, and the "Calva: Connect to a Running REPL Server, not in project" command yields Cannot read property 'toString' of undefined. Any ideas what might be wrong?


You can work around some, afaict, by having a project folder opened in vscode.


Thanks! My google-fu wasn't strong enough to find that issue.


Unless we count asking in here as part of your google-fu. 😃


Let's merge #972 & #956 please!


Leaving these up to @U0ETXRFEW as he's the one reviewing/working on them. I think he'll be getting to them soon.


956 is made by him and needs to be approved by someone else


I'm getting to them. Have a birthday to celebrate here tonight (not mine, my daughter's), but intend to have a look before bedtime. 😍


@UCCHXTXV4 I know. We've discussed if/how we should notify users of default keybinding changes, so I think that's been a bit of the delay, but I think it'll be going out soon. simple_smile


This is so true ☝️ :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:


Calva version 2.0.154 is released! 🎉 calva clojure-lsp • Fix: • Update cider-nrepl to 0.25.8 • Update clojure-lsp to 2021.01.26-22.35.27 @zelark and @grumplet The cider-nrepl update may fix your issues, please test it out. @plexus and others who experienced the comment issue, Calva should now use ;; always.

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Marc O'Morain19:01:10

Over the last few weeks I’ve had this bug with Calva:

Marc O'Morain19:01:26

When I Jack In, it asks me for the repl port.

Marc O'Morain19:01:32

It used to just connect itself

Marc O'Morain19:01:48

now I need to copy the port from the terminal and paste it in the dialog box at the top

Marc O'Morain19:01:58

Am I doing something wrong?

Marc O'Morain20:01:40

Awesome, thanks!

Aleksander Rendtslev22:01:53

Hi, Is it at all possible to use both Clojure CLI and Shadow CLJS in one window? I’m using Fulcro, so my files are right next to each other. I finally decided to jump back to VSCode from Emacs (Loved emacs, but damn, VSCode is so much faster on my macbook), and this is the only thing blocking me 😞