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he, from today I see this error :


no idea if it's a calva issue


Anyone testing out the fix for line-comments should be using this VSIX instead of the one above: And if you have used the one above you should uninstall it. This is because the above one uses a release version number. I’m sorry about that, but Circle CI was down yesterday and I missed a step when building the VSIX locally.


Although the link is to a vsix, when I download I get a zip file containing many things but not a vsix. Do I just change the extension to vsix? And by the way, is there any harm to keeping the version I downloaded yesterday, which is working well. It did install as 2.0.154, but I'm not sure what the implications of that are.


I didn't know it would download as a zip, but changing file extension should work. No harm in keeping the one you have other than that I am unsure how it will behave when we release the real 154, which probably will contain other changes. But maybe we will find out soon.


ok, no problem. Thanks again!


Yeah, the CircleCI vsix downloads starting coming down as .zip some time ago, and every time I have to change the file extension to .vsix.


Have we updated the wiki about this?


Just did 😃


can happen


> Classpath lookup failed in clojure-lsp. Some features may not work correctly. I started seeing it too; it does not show on all projects. Shows with for example


If you look in /tmp/clojure-lsp.out you can see what the error was when it failed. In some cases it means the command line tool clojure-lsp is using to get the classpath is not installed, so the command is not found, like shadow-cljs

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> " (|)" + backspace = ""; should yield " " (& 2nd backspace to delete the space) A change for calva? Or for my calva-extras?


There are a few more things in how editing behaves inside strings that we should note down in an issue. Please start it off by creating an issue for this.


Any progress on a better workflow for cljs+figwheel-main + webpack jack-in? I did send in a docs PR a while ago explaining my get around for this, but it’s a sub-optimal approach and I think that PR got left behind when you moved the docs github. Those docs are still in if you want to take another look.


Oh. good that you reminded about it. We will pull in the docs enhancements. Work on the actual jack-in is not really on my schedule right now. But I would welcome an issue about it so that I or someone else can pick it up when we have time and knowledge enough.