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Dear Calva friends: v2.0.138 just out, featuring some refactorings. See


Thanks to @UKFSJSM38 for super speedy issue fixing!

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I think you mean 2.0.138?


Probably. 😎

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These new refactoring commands are pretty sweet! I recommend people try them out

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Hi there! I'm experiencing lag in the REPL response when the evaluation of the form throws an exception. It takes a couple of seconds (5 to 10) to show the exception info and return the prompt. I've never had this before AFAIK. Is this a known issue? (VSC 1.52.1 and Calva 2.0.138)


We recently made some changes to how we deal with exceptions, so this might be a regression, @julianwegkamp. If you can try with version 2.0.134 as well, that would be extra awesome.


I actually noticed this yesterday, too @pez


I guess I was caught up in what I was doing and thought maybe it was something with my machine. Glad we have a confirmation


2.0.134 also has the lag. But I'm pretty sure this is something that started very recently


That's odd o_O


@julianwegkamp Would you mind creating an issue for it?


Sure no problem


Anything else I can do to help?

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I could immediately reproduce this.


Which is extra strange, because when I made the changes to suppress the stack trace I provoked these errors a lot in testing, and did not notice any lag.


Yes, that’s weird, I noticed that lag a few days ago. I re-installed Calva, but it didn’t help. Also I tried one before the change, and the lag was still there for some reason. Finally, I tested it on my work machine, there was no lag (the latest version).


Might be something with VS Code then… What version are you using on your work machine?


Local Version: 1.52.1 Commit: ea3859d4ba2f3e577a159bc91e3074c5d85c0523 Date: 2020-12-16T16:30:02.420Z (1 wk ago) Electron: 9.3.5 Chrome: 83.0.4103.122 Node.js: 12.14.1 V8: OS: Darwin x64 19.6.0


So that’s the same as I am using.


Work Version: 1.51.1 Commit: e5a624b788d92b8d34d1392e4c4d9789406efe8f Date: 2020-11-11T01:11:34.018Z (1 mo ago) Electron: 9.3.3 Chrome: 83.0.4103.122 Node.js: 12.14.1 V8: OS: Darwin x64 19.6.0


OK. So it figures with the timeline that this started to happen with 1.52.


Probably, I downgraded to 1.51.1 and it didn’t help.




If I turn my wifi off, the lag disappears.


Oh, wow.


Indeed, Same here.


With that wifi clue I found that bumping to latest cider-nrepl for jack-in fixes the issue.


Hi ! what’s a good/working setup combo for lein + cljs + calva ? lein-fighweel and figwheel-main templates both are not working


Hi! This doesn't sound good. Can you provide repro steps, starting with the command to create the project from the template, and onward into how you tried to jack-in, or what you're trying that's not working?


I just ran

lein new figwheel-main hello-world.core -- --reagent
and then opened the hello-world.core directory in VS Code, ran Calva's jack-in, selected Leiningen + Figwheel Main -> fig:build -> :dev -> dev and jack-in succeeded. The browser opened to the app and the cljs repl was connected.


If this or some other combination of steps or templates are not working for you, please create an issue and we can look into it more. If you file the issue from the Help menu -> Report Issue, this will give us your system details which can be helpful.


hmm for some reason for me, calva doesn’t ask me alias it goes from Leiningen + Figwheel Main and then asks for profile and then automatically runs

lein update-in :dependencies conj '[nrepl"0.8.2"]' -- update-in :dependencies conj '[clj-kondo"2020.04.05"]' -- update-in :dependencies conj '[cider/piggieback"0.4.2"]' -- update-in :plugins conj '[cider/cider-nrepl"0.23.0"]' -- update-in '[:repl-options :nrepl-middleware]' conj '["cider.nrepl/cider-middleware"]' -- update-in '[:repl-options :nrepl-middleware]' conj '["cider.piggieback/wrap-cljs-repl"]' -- with-profile +dev repl :headless <


Seems odd. An issue would help us dig in more.


I don't know about aliases, but maybe an alias is not always needed?


I observe Calva from some time, I see it's gaining a momentum. What would you advice for someone starting with Clojure and having to choose between Emacs and Calva assuming no experience at all with both? I see many Clojure professionals using Emacs. Does it still beat Calva? Does it pay off long term to learn Emacs having modern IDEs like Intellij, VSCode..


I was a vscode user and changed to emacs a couple years ago, I really like vscode but I can't see using other editor after I changed to emacs. I think it depends how much time do you want to spend learning/hacking your IDE, for low/mid-time I'd recommend VSCode, for long term, Emacs. Both have a lot of libs, Calva is really good, but Clojure has more Emacs libs. I'd suggest you try both if you have time 🙂


Just to add to this, if you're just starting Clojure, I recommend Calva as that way you can focus more on learning Clojure, and less on learning the editor. When I was starting out I made the decision to forgo Emacs since from what I read/hear it's lot to learn (but it pays off later to learn it). Also I was already familiar with VS Code. Emacs and Cider are very mature and have all the bells and whistles, but Calva is also a very capable editor extension with its own bells and whistles. I've used it a good bit for hobby and professional dev.


And Calva is very actively maintained and growing, as you can see 😃


Exactly ☝️ 😄

David Reno22:12:43

I learned emacs a few years ago to start with Clojure. I suggest the vscode/Calva path. At this point, I’ve read “mastering emacs”, I’m comfortable and even prefer emacs over vim; still, it will cause distraction and complexity if your goal is learning and creating with Clojure, IMHO.


There is always time to learn Emacs later. Personally i have no desire to go back to Emacs. It felt like I had to battle with it all the time, whereas Vscode is working together with me. I don't even use a VIM extension, that's how modern I've become. 😎

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