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Dear Calva friends: Sorry to compete for attention on VSIX testing, but I have this never ending PR about moving the Jack-in from the Tasks subsystem to a pseudo terminal. It is partly because of tidyness reasons, we are currently abusing the Task system. Partly because it makes Jack-in more reliable, since we need not be watching the filesystem and read nrepl.port files to know when the nREPL server is started. See it as being for the sake of Calva’s health and please help test it on your projects. Even though you should notice no changes, unless you pay close attention to the Jack-in terminal context, this is a fundamental change and can potentially mess things up to Calva users out there if we don’t test it properly before releasing. Here is the VSIX.


Welcome @jj974 ! You are the 600th member of the channel. We haven’t prepared a prize, but there is the honor! 😍

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Thank you. I can feel the honor 🙂


Hi all, do I need to configure something in order for the inline eval to work? I'm using shadow-cljs and connected to the cljs repl, I'm trying to eval simple (+ 1 1) , but I'm only seeing arrow =>, the result is missing


Oops.. Nvm, looks like I have to refresh the browser in order to connect to the repl

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Yes, the communication between the shadow-cljs session and Calva is a bit limited, so you get a cljs prompt regardless if the app is actually ready. We probably should hint better about that somewhere…

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Thank you for this awesome tool. 🙂 In the logs, I saw the "Socket closed" kind of message. But I did not realized it until few more attempts 😅