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Filipe Silva16:12:06

I'm not really sure what happened besides vscode updating to a new version, but I'm seeing cljs file editing being very very slow

Filipe Silva16:12:27

especially when deleting characters

Filipe Silva16:12:34

is anyone else seeing the same thing?

Filipe Silva16:12:32

disabling Calva makes it fast again

Filipe Silva16:12:41

so I think it's related


Which version of vscode are you at, @filipematossilva? And does it affect clj files too?

Filipe Silva16:12:06

I am on 1.52.0, and it seems to affect clj too, yes

Filipe Silva16:12:22

using Windows 10, connecting to WSL Ubuntu using the VS Code remote extension

Filipe Silva16:12:04

was trying to capture what I was seeing in some kind of animation to show you, but didn't have a lot of success


Please file an issue using VS Code’s issue reporter. This is probably upstream, but could also be that we need to fix something. And at the very least your issue could help people stay on 1.51 until the issue is sorted. I’ll try it myself later. But my hunch is it is 1.52 related.

Filipe Silva16:12:32

will do :thumbsup:

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Filipe Silva16:12:30

I can confirm that going back to VS Code 1.51 (October version) as instructed in makes editing fast again.


Will you add Indy about how to go back to 1.51 on that issue? I think that could help people with quickly getting a workaround in place.

Filipe Silva17:12:24

the stack overflow answer has detailed instructions on how to do that

Filipe Silva17:12:35

I could copy them, but wouldn't be as good

Filipe Silva17:12:42

will draw attention to it though