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Hello all. Happy Saturday! If someone here has the time to try the Calva instructions for this example project, that would be super awesome:

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It shouldn't take more then ten minutes, or I have failed with my instructions. 😃


Hi, I tried run it in web browser, everything is ok. But what should I install to run it on my android phone?


When I’m trying, I get “Couldn’t start project on Android: No Android connected device found, and no emulators could be started automatically.” My phone is connected and USB debugging is enabled.


I don't know why they don't have this a bit more explicit. But for me, if I have an android device attached, Expo chooses to install the app there. Sometimes the USB debugging permissions get screwed up thoughh. So if you don't see the device when running the command adb devices, then you might need to revoke the permissions and reconnect the phone. See


Also, it takes a while to install the Expo app...


Thanks a lot, I got this annoying error “Because an app is obscuring a permission request, Settings can’t verify your response” during connection. Finally managed to fix it and run the app on my device.

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quick question, is it possible to clear all the vars from the repl without closing it. A restart or refresh command... looking through the docs but havent spotted it yet... Thanks


We are doing some live mob programming with Live Share and Calva, although we realise we dont know Calva well enough yet, but its working well so far..


There is some command for this... Search using the command palette and you might find something. But, if the repl is started with Jack in, you can always just jack in again.


We are just using which kind of worked, but restarting the REPL definately works. Restarting means that everyone else has to reconnect, but its good practice using Live Share. It seems to be working well with Calva so far with 6 people mob programming together


Now at a computer. There are two Calva commands for this Refresh All Namespaces and Refresh Changed Namespaces. They probably do much the same as when using tools.namspace directly.


Super happy to hear it works for mob programming! Kudos to @stefan.van.den.oord for heralding the Live Share adaptions.

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@pez Thanks for the info. We will continue using Calva and Live Share in future meetings. We also used the REPL port forwarding of Live Share so people using Spacemacs / CIDER can connect to the REPL via my running VSCode (and I can keep my vim style editing). I am assuming this will also work for NeoVim and Conjure too.


That's awesome ^