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i cant for the life of my get code completion working for clojurescript. ive tried with and without shadow-cljs and still cant seem to get it working. ive been able to connect to a repl at least, but was really hoping i could get code completion working


You've made sure to connect to the cljs repl (not the clj repl)? If a browser app, need to open the app in the browser to connect. Just checking some things off the list here.


@U0ETXRFEW Does much more cljs dev than I do, so he may be able to assist you further.


Oh, also make sure you're loading the file with the load file command.


anyone have any ideas here or any github repos with examples that worked for them?


Guys, I managed to reproduce an annoying bug. The brackets highlighting sometimes doesn’t work. Usually it happens when I just typing code but I don’t know how to reproduce it predictably. In the video it’s reproduced by pasting some code. First, I paste the code, you can see that brackets are not highlighted, then I switch up the window and go back. After this trick everything is ok again. However, I can easily break it again by evaluating the ns form.


It's a bit hard to follow what's going on. What did it mean to switch up the window?


it simply means changing an active tab


once I go back, the highlighting is working again


to break it in this particular case I need to re-evaluate the ns form. In other cases it might be something different which results in the problem.


but as I said they are hard to reproduce


@U0ETXRFEW so what do you think of it?


Not sure. I am not quite following still. 😃 I know there is a bug with how sometimes only the currentöy active tab is getting the extra highlighting treatment. But there seems to be something more going on there when you evaluate the ns form.


It isn’t necessary related to an ns form evaluation. More often it happens when I just typing code and re-evaluate some other forms and the type something again.


Does it matter if the repl window is visible or not when you evaluate code?


Yes, it’s visible.


I can easily reproduce it even with a simpler example


Cool. I wonder why I have not seen this... Have you filed an issue? I think that with that repro we should be able to track it down.


Awesome. Thanks!