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Any idea why my tab key doesn’t work? If I disable calva is works. Only having the issue in clojure files


Tab is mapped to Format Current Form. See the keyboard shortcuts if you'd like to remap it, but this is a pretty handy shortcut. With Calva's auto formatting you don't need to use tab to add spaces/tabs. But to each their own, so you can re-map it if you like.


@pez @brandon.ringe the property-based testing i was doing turned up this case: i briefly tested with an out-of-calva scanner: any thoughts? fwiw, here are some bits regarding whether # is allowed in keywords / symbols:


I'll defer to @pez since this is his area of expertise


ok. as a side note, it seems to me that something like the following might be helpful guidelines when writing clojure code to avoid this sort of difficulty: 1) try not to use # in symbols and keywords 2) try to put at least one whitespace character before and after #_ i think i can guess that 1) might be hinted at looking at the reader reference, but i have not heard 2) so far.


Good find! Can you file an issue about it? We should try to fix this.