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very cool, but how do I undo this?

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Haha, Settings/Preferences -&gt; Themes.

Alex J Henderson18:09:01

help, I've lost my intellisense in my shadow-cljs project with calva, any ideas? more details: created a new 'lein re-frame' project. When I jack-in I do momentarily get intellisense after the REPL prints "; Jack-in done." but it breaks when the terminal prints "{:app] Build completed."


@jahenderson777 what command line did you use for creating the project? It will ease reproduction to know more exactly.

Alex J Henderson19:09:13

lein new re-frame intellisense-test +calva +kondo also tried lein new shadow-cljs intellisense-test

Alex J Henderson19:09:46

I'm on calva 2.0.124


Thanks. I get it to work by choosing: • Project type: Leiningen + lein-shadow • Start builds: app • Launch alias: No alias • Launch profile: dev

Alex J Henderson20:09:19

Thanks for taking a look @U0ETXRFEW, following those steps doesn't work for me though. It does the same thing, Intellisense works for about 5 seconds between 'jack-in done' and '[:app] Build completed.' thereafter it doesn't work

Alex J Henderson20:09:58

(everything else works though, like Go to definition, live reloading, etc.)


Ah, yes. There is something with the autocompletion. I think I remember something about shadow-cljs being updated in a way that broke js completions. Shouldn't be related, but anyway. If you try with a 2.9 version of shadow. do you still have the issues?

Alex J Henderson21:09:52

yes, with shadow 2.9 it works fine

Alex J Henderson21:09:28

works with shadow-cljs 2.9.9, breaks with shadow-cljs 2.10.0

Alex J Henderson21:09:20

(still broken in 2.11.4)


OK. It was reading the changelog for 2.10.0 that made me suggest 2.9:


I can't find an issue about it on github though. Maybe you should add one?

Alex J Henderson21:09:22

happy to, what is it that you think is breaking underneath? (I'm not sure how the autocomplete/intellisense works)

Alex J Henderson21:09:56

I'll ask over in the shadow-cljs slack channel


Right. Thanks for sharing!


Remember that I said I thought the problem only related to js completions? Well, it sort of does, but if Calva does not try to do those completions, then cljs completions start to work. So disable the JSCompletion setting for this project and you'll only be missing the js completions.

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(I just tried it, so I know what I am talking about. 😃 )