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Alex J Henderson10:09:50

Has there been a thought about making use of the VsCode Notebook API with Calva? I have looked at clojupyter but it doesn’t provide the full blooded Clojure editing experience that calva/paredit does.


Hi, does Calva support intellisense for the js/ namespace?


Yes if you have the Enable JSCompletion setting on, it should.


That flag is on by default. I am not getting any completion for js. Using shadow-cljs btw. Any hints as to what the issue could be?


Not really. All I find when searching for it is this: which says to get in contact with me... But checking that setup example for CIDER it looks to me like it should work with Calva as well... Do you see any error messages anywhere?


no erros, just shows "no suggestions"


I had a similar issue when I was using emacs/cider. A change in the shadow-cljs API seems to have broken suitable.


Could this be causing the same issue also in Calva?


Calva i mainly just using cider-nrepl, so yes. Too bad, but with all those bright minds involved, I think a solution will be crafted.


Ok, thanks


@jahenderson777 I haven't looked deep enough at the Notebook API to tell if it would enable us to have Calva Paredit enabled there. But that would be cool.


hello there. I"m trying to set up a complete clojure beginner with VSCode and Calva but i'm already failing at basic tasks 🙂 (I'm using Cursive in my day to day) It would be really helpful if the calva documentation had minimal working examples of project.clj and/or deps.edn That would make first time users and clojure beginners more successful right out of the gate. For example: I have this in my deps.edn: {:paths ["src"]} but can't jack-in - the expectation being that a REPL would fire up. Just a Sunday morning suggestions 🙂


it looks like the minimal viable deps.edn is:

{:paths ["src"]
 :aliases {}}
jack-in won't work without the empty aliases map


Please file an issue. Or two. One about the docs and one about the requirement on aliases, which I think is not necessary.

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thanks, also became a sponsor. Keep up the great work!

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I've added you to the Calva Fans section of the readme 🎉. (Will remove though if you don't want to be on there). Thanks again!