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Cris B03:08:03

I don't like the way calva's 'clear inline evaluation results' default keyboard shortcut overrides the use of ESC to cancel regular selections (the latter is burned into my muscle memory). I wasn't able to find a keyboard shortcut 'when' clause to distinguish the two, so for now I've just changed the calva one. Ideally though I'd like to use ESC for both. Does anyone know a way to do this?


What does clear regular selections mean?

Cris B04:08:02

Cancelling a text selection by hitting escape. In vs code command terms I think it's editor.action.cancelSelectionAnchor


I see. I only use it with multiple cursors. For a single selection my muscle memory tells me to use the left/right keys. In any case, this needs to be solved in Calva, I think. It's pretty easy, I also think. Please file an issue about it.


Is there a way to truncate long lists or vectors when printed in the output-file window?


@agold, you can use pprint settings, but there is no per-eval way of doing it:


There is a pprint toggle button to the right of the status bar. And a command with a shortcut for it. Maybe we should consider making it a cycle through a list of settings…


Anyone has experience with WSL2 and Calva? Calva can get some nice PR from @borkdude if the WSL2 story is good.


No that was the wrong tweet…


Yeah, please let me know about your setup.


I’m using Calva on WSL2. No problems with Calva per se. My only problem was connecting to the shadow-cljs server owing to networking changes between WSL1 and WSL2. Solution was to apply the script in WSL2 issue #4150:


@agold I've also used this script: for forwarding SSH, nREPL, etc, etc. so I can connect even from other machines. May I ask if you're editing the files in VSCode via the WSL network share?


No, I’m using the Remote-WSL extension, ver. 0.44.4.


Remote-WSL allowed me to edit files in WSL2 even before I discovered the networking workaround. There were no networking problems with WSL1, by the way, but WSL2 is faster and makes it easier to work with Docker.


I'm using WSL2 + Remote-WSL with Calva, no problems so far


Everything "just works"