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Anyone knows of some good getting-started-with-clojure articles? It was just brought to my attention that the one that points to is a bit all over the place.


It was apparently not so that pointed to the article n question. But some pointers to good getting started material would be welcome anyway.

Cris B23:08:04

When I had a first stab at Clojure earlier this year, I spent a couple of hours searching for getting started material and came away confused by the disparate approaches. I decided instead to just grab a book (Carin Meier's Living Clojure) and limit my attention to that for a while. Which is just to say I didn't at the time come up with a single getting started article I'd completely recommend. Many are out of date, and for a total beginner the tools deps vs leinigen choice is problematic (especially when you don't even know it's a choice!). From what I've seen since, I think the online books at are as good as anything else around, but they're of broader scope than just 'getting started'.


Needs a revisit


I think it is excellent. Extra good that you spent some time on scoping. That confused me a lot when I started.


Great @U7PBP4UVA we need more like getting stared guides like this. Possibly focused on Calva. When I stared with Clojure it took me ages to setup dev environment with Atom. Calva is a breeze in comparison


A Getting Clojure Up and Running Using Calva guide fits on me thinks. It could focus on just that, getting the tools together, and then we can link off to @U7PBP4UVA guide for the Getting Clojure part.


is there a way to eval a form in the REPL's current namespace from a .clj file that has no ns declaration? (Observed behavior is the form is evaluated in user namespace)


No, but an issue about it would be welcome.


You can cheat and put an ns form there, that's the only way currently.


thanks for the prompt reply 😄


I'm rather keen on fixing that. It is the key to the fiddle files that i and @brandon.ringe want to enable.


is a fiddle file for fiddling around? The Cognitect guys use ".repl" files for this kind of thing e.g


Ah, cool. Wasn't aware of their use of that extension. We choose .repl-file for the output window, but maybe .repl makes more sense... Anyway, yes, that's what we mean. It was the dudes in the #clojuredesign-podcast who used the term fiddle files, and it has stuck with us.

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I do like the .repl as the file extension, both for the output file and the "fiddle" files that would be next to the respective source file