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Bobbi Towers00:07:43

oh, it looks like the file has a cljs extension, maybe try clj ?


Yes, it might confuse Calva to use a cljs extension there.


ok that worked


Would Calva work with Clojure Script or only with Clojure?


It works with ClojureScript too.


With ClojureScript the application and its REPL runs in the JS virtual machine, typically in your browser or nodejs. So your project needs to have started the target app there before Calva can connect. I think you are doing right trying it out barebones with as little boilerplate as possible at first, but if you want to check a full stack setup out, you can try Luminus, as described here:


Since you are new to Clojure, I recommend exploring the language through the REPL as it is wired into the Calva editors. println is useful at times, but with Clojure you can get much faster feedback than the compile-file-then-run cycle. Check this page out to see what I am talking about:


I did have a look on the but I found the content rather cofusing then helpful.


I'd love to write it in a way that is less confusing. I'll figure a bit about how to do it. If you have suggestions, please share.


(Ok, but first: I am new to clojure, paredit, VSCode at the same moment so I need to climb all barriers of entry at the same time in parallel. Second: No offense included. This is free as in free lunch, at it is maybe not up to me to critizise)


About the "try first": You need to copy the code to your editor manually. While this is ok because the code is short, it's pretty difficult to when the code is constantly edited in the video


It is super valuable for me and for the docs to get feedback like this from a beginner.


Secondly, it's difficult to see when starts and when its end in the loop it is running.


I tried to make the try first a bit less confusing. Clear the cache and reload it and see if you think it improved.


Third, as a beginner, I have no clue which keys are pressed at what moment in the video to get the popups


Yes the new version is much better!

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A few other things I was fighting with earlier: The Jack-In did not work because I did not have an "deps.edn" file. I small hint to create one containing "{}" would have saved two hours


Yes, we should fix something about that in the docs as well. And maybe in Calva, which tries to hint about it, but not good enough.


...and I had an extension ".cljs" of my file because I was following a ClojureScript tutorrial, which resulted in Calva did not work without any feedback/error/warning. I needed some help from here to figure out.


And last thing: The link to the slack channel is nice, but I needed to research first how to sign up on the channel. (When I followed the link I just got an Slack login form). Maybe ths barrier to entry to reach to this very helpful channel should be lowered.


But thanks a lot, I believe I am up and runnign now.


Very good, we should of course point people to where they sign up to this slack.


The docs should probably contain a section about things good to know as a complete Clojure/ClojureScript beginner, and point to various resources online.


How can I get rid of the red-ish coloring here? I am formatting my code using cljfmt.


Ah never mind, it was caused by indent rainbow plugin

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Good that you sorted that out quickly. Calva has its own indent rainbows, which are quite configurable. What do you mean by formatting using cljfmt?


I didn’t realize Calva uses weavejester/cljfmt as well. I saw that mentioned in the docs after posting.